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"My Sporting Hero" by Head of Sales & Marketing, Wayne Carter

You may have read other blogs from me in the past, if you have, you will see how important family is to me. I have written about my grandchildren predominately. Today I wanted to share with everyone a story of another family member of mine.

His name is Lloyd Shephard.

I love children getting involved in any sport, I am a firm believer that sport can give you so many positive characteristics that you can use and take with you through life in general. I also love children to have a goal in life, to be inspired. Lloyd is a person who is very determined, very positive and has a sporting goal. His sport is running and to date he has a long list of achievements:

  • He is the Welsh 3,000m indoor & outdoor champion.
  • Welsh international for 3,000m at SIAB, where he finished 4th in British schools.
  • Welsh 5km silver medallist at U17’s.
  • Bronze medal at Welsh Inter Regionals. 
  • Bronze at Welsh School Championships.
  • Welsh international at London Mini Marathon.

All this and he is only 15 years old! I hope I can do my little bit to help him realise his dreams in his chosen sport. I am sure he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. At a recent family party we got into conversation about his running. Reluctantly, he mentioned that he needed new running spikes, his old ones were becoming too small for him. Children need all the encouragement they can. His parents, Kelly and Scott, spend a lot of time and money on his sport. So I thought here is an opportunity to do my little bit for another emerging Welsh sporting hero. This is Lloyd proudly showing off his new running spikes!

Lloyd, keep running, keep dreaming, and keep achieving. You can be whatever you want in life, just believe! 

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