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"Parents beware, grandparents rejoice!" - by Head of Sales & Marketing, Wayne Carter

What is it with being a grandparent? I found myself being a lucky guy, meeting my wife at fifteen and still with the same woman thirty eight years later. We have three children, whom I love immensely and make me very proud. The love and feelings you have for your children is almost immeasurable. I truly love my job at National Friendly and feel quite confidently that I have a blessed life.

BUT PARENTS BEWARE, because that love and pride pales into almost insignificance compared to the almost intolerable love and pride you have for your grandchildren! 

So GRANDPARENTS rejoice, what a fantastic addition to your life! What is it with grandchildren? What happens to your brain? What happens to your sense and sensibility?

Let me try to explain myself…You strive to give your children what they need and sometimes want. With your grandchildren you give them whatever they want, whenever they want it. At the moment my two grandsons are aged eighteen months and four months, so their personalities are still developing. My granddaughter is aged seven and is a completely different ball game! She is seven going on twenty five. I have even started a savings plan for them with their first car in mind, or university or that financial start with their own business start-up.  My fifty three years of life has not been kind on my hair, so now I find it easier to shave my head, so my granddaughter calls me Bampi Bald Head! 

How can it be that I take her shopping to Cardiff, intent on buying myself a couple of shirts for work, or some jeans, maybe some new shoes? When we get there, I think, I cannot bring myself to spend money on myself and quite happily skip hand-in-hand with my granddaughter to Smiggle and buy her an expensive load of rubbish that she just has to have for school!!

To all you grandparents out there, you will have some understanding of my feelings when I say, I have to fight back tears of joy just looking at my granddaughter performing her dance routine. Holding back the tears of pride listening to her speak Welsh fluently (as a proud Welshman!). Bursting with pride just sitting there watching her draw, colour or practice her maths. Bursting with pride listening to her reading her Welsh books for homework. What the heck has happened to me? When I snooze on my recliner, does an angel come down, land on my shoulder and inject something in my ear canal that effects my brain in such a way it melts when it comes to my granddaughter?

So I ask all you grandparents reading this, does this happen to you? Genuinely, please share what it means to you to be a proud grandparent. Maybe you are a parent reading this and recognise these traits in your own parents with your own children? Then please share. Let’s make this proud grandparent day!

All grandparents will understand this though…I don’t care what anybody thinks, I have the most beautiful, wonderful, talented granddaughter the world has ever seen!!!!

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