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"My Angel" by Head of Sales and Marketing, Wayne Carter

I know I blurt on a bit about my granddaughter, BUT, I just cannot help myself! Isn’t it funny how somebody gets a grip on you and the love you have for that person is all consuming? Hard to explain, but a lovely place to be.

I take my responsibility as a good granddad very seriously. I try to make it my mission to give my granddaughter as much of my life’s experiences as I can; information that will help a seven year old develop into a well-rounded individual that contributes positively to society. 

I try to instil in her a good work ethic and the importance of money - especially around shopping in Smiggles! One of the greatest gifts to give a child is the feeling that they are loved, they are special and somebody is proud of them. Don’t you agree?

Whilst shopping for my wife’s birthday card, I spotted some pin badges for sale at the counter. They were only £2.99 each but the message and the meaning of them were priceless. There was a little silver angel with a sparkly jewel imbedded in its chest. It was attached to a card that read:


I saw this pretty little card

It was all I could do

To read the tender message

Which was written just for you

From birth you’ve been an angel

You’ve brought love and joy to all

And like this sweet little angel

You’re the loveliest gift of all

I bought the angel and gave it to my granddaughter. I told her that she should wear the angel at all times and every time somebody said something nasty or cruel to her or if she felt a little down, she could just touch the angel and think of me and that we could have a little ‘cwtch’ (The Welsh saying for ‘a hug’). This would remind her that never mind what anybody else said or thought, I will always love her and I will always think she is the best and that I am proud of her. 

What little things can you do to make sure your most precious child/grandchild knows you are there for them and that you believe in them? There are enough people in life who spend their entire time looking for faults, looking to highlight even the smallest weakness in others and shouting from the rooftops about it. Come on, get behind you fantastic grandchildren/children and make sure they make the most of their lives!

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