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Discretionary Grants

Foundation Fund

Each year National Friendly provides discretionary grants to members who need extra support at a difficult time. Our aim is to provide meaningful financial help that will make a significant difference to our members’ lives.

The Foundation Fund reflects the Society’s vision of:

Creating a modern mutual for the 21st century that meets the health, welfare and protection needs of its members.

Types of causes the funds are
awarded to:

  • Member welfare
  • Health – medical research,  palliative care
  • Youth - education and sport
  • Care of the elderly
  • Organisations working with the disabled
  • Charitable or voluntary organisations involved in the above

Make an application

If you would like to apply for a discretionary grant please complete the application form below.
You can either email it to:
or send it to:
Dawn Carey, Executive Assistant,
National Friendly, 11-12 Queen Square,
Bristol, BS1 4NT

Downloadable application form

Our members’ stories

Allison’s story

Allison has a six-year old son with autism and severe learning difficulties. Making friends is very difficult for Allison’s son because his condition means he has behavioural problems and limited play skills. He also hates travelling because he cannot cope with transition, which makes car journeys very uncomfortable for him and his family.

Allison borrowed an iPad for a week which she decided to give to her son whilst on a car journey, and the effect was amazing. He was able to use it to occupy himself for longer than usual, completing jigsaws on the iPad’s touch screen and watching his favourite programme, Dr Who. Her son gets anxious and distressed when things go wrong and by being able to use the iPad’s touch screen, without the need for a keyboard, really helped to reduce any mistakes and therefore made the journey much more comfortable for both him and his family.

National Friendly used its Foundation Fund to award Allison with £503 to purchase an iPad for her son so that he could continue to enjoy car journeys. Allison and her family no longer dread travelling, helping to improve all of their lives.

“It was so exciting to see my son using the iPad and occupying himself for longer than he normally can.”

Parklife’s story

Houghton on the Hill, a rurally isolated part of Harborough District, had a 25 + year old, run-down playground where the equipment was outdated and a major part of the climbing frame was broken and out of action. Other items were removed for safety purposes. The area had limited facilities for young peoples’ recreation and play and therefore the playground was a vital resource for them.

Furthermore, immediately adjacent to the playground was a mound completely overgrown with nettles. The decrepit state of the playground meant that it did not provide an attractive focal point for children. The school and the village toddler group no longer organised outings to the playground due to the state of the facilities and the lack of teen-provision also resulted in teenagers congregating around benches in the churchyard and other areas.

National Friendly recognised the importance of the playground to the local community and used its Foundation Fund to award the Parklife charity £2,000 to help pay towards the costs of providing contemporary equipment and re-landscaping the mound so that it could be re-incorporated into the playground.

“Thank you so very much for your very generous grant” - Barbara from Parklife.