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About us

We are a mutual society and our aim is to help our members meet their health, welfare and protection needs.

Founded in 1868 by Rev. Canon Portal at Albury Rectory, to provide a deposit system allowing members to co-fund medical assistance.


Turn of the century saw an increase in popularity for the society and our numbers grew


We established a convalescent home to support injured soldiers of World War 1


The 1920s and 30s saw National Friendly grow into a bigger building in Queens Square London


Following World War 2 we continue to grow alongside the country's breakthroughs in medicine


Eventually taking over the Railway Deposit Friendly Society


In 1982 we moved to Bristol and with a new general secretary in place our assets soared


By our 125th Birthday our assets
tipped over 100 million pounds


Advancements in online transactions saw us able to streamline our offices to one building in Bristol


After a period of focusing on existing members, in 2016 we launched 3 new products


Even after all of these years, our values are still held dear. We believe in helping people to help themselves. All of our products, services and benefits ensure our members are prepared for life’s uncertainties.

We are proud of our past and excited about our future we are

National Friendly

Treating customers fairly

Within National Friendly the importance of putting the customer at the heart of what we do has long been part of our culture and practices.

We believe that treating customers fairly is an integral part of who we are. Our customers and their best interests are always at the forefront of our thinking which we firmly believe delivers fair customer outcomes at every step of the way.

Read more about our approach here:

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Our company details

National Friendly is a trading name of National Deposit Friendly Society Limited. Registered office: 11-12 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4NT. Registered in England and Wales no. 369F.

Our regulatory details

National Deposit Friendly Society Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Financial Services Register number is 110008. You can check this at:

National Deposit Friendly Society Limited is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Financial Ombudsman Service.